How it works ?


Unique visitor identification

The nodes use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Network (2G / 3G / 4G) to detect mobile devices over a long range, assign an anonymous and unique number to each visitor (without any storage of personal data). 70 to 85% of the traffic is detected

Tracking of their journeys

We collect in real time on our cloud platform, the detected data (time of visit, zone covered by a node, time spent in the zone), thus allowing us to measure the flows between zones and to identify the visitor routes.

Creation of marketing profiles

Our evolutionary architecture allows us to create behavioral profiles and track them in time and space: Example People attending the center 3 times a month on weekdays only and staying on average 20 minutes.


Through an online dashboard or integration with other platforms, we provide access to comprehensive reports and discovery of valuable new data

Recruitment and loyalty

The system makes it possible to recruit visitors (enrichment of personal data) and send them messages in WhatsApp, SMS and email campaigns in real time, in the most relevant situations.
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